Monday, June 19, 2006

Firemen VS Wasps

ALERT!ALERT!my humble abode is surrounded by wasps!my mom had figured out a few days ago that there is a wasp nest at my home's heave.just now, my mom called the firemen.they do came over but unfortunately they couldn't do anything.their reason:it's hard to estimate the size of their nest as the hole is too small.what do they expect us to do?just wait until one of us get stung by the wasps on our whole body and we can be on tv?it's terrible to know that the 'hero' of the town left us without giving us the right solution to get rid of those insects.what should we do now?i'm sure that i don't want to get contact with one of those.if they refused to leave,they could at least pay the rent for staying in our house.they don't expect to stay for free, do they?

Are We Sensitive?

have you ever heard about Malaysian Sensitivity Syndrome? it might sounds ridiculous but somehow it makes sense. malaysians are very sensitive and that makes who we are.what's wrong with being sensitive,anyway.i recently read a Q&A in the edge's talking edge column. this is kamraslan's answer to a question sent by a reader.take a glance-
sensitivity is a sensitive issue.malaysians suffer from sensitivity more than any other nation on earth and there seems to be no cure in sight.taht's why we need our malaysian doctors who have been living and working in europe to return with their extra skills and experience to help cure us. and yet, despite various incentives, very few had decided to come back.why is this?maybe, it has got something to do with our sensitivity. at the moment, many sensitivity sufferers are getting nasty reactions to Amir Muhammad's The Last Communist. this documentary is still banned becaude,well, i'm not really sure but it seems that the word 'communist' is still very sensitive. when asked why umno would be interested in the banning issue, umno secretary-general datuk seri mohd radzi sheikh ahmad was reported in the nst as saying that it's because it concerns umno a lot.'it is also where the communism is concerned,umno members are very sensitive about it'. they are a very sensitive bunch.
there are a great many environmental factors that induce malaysian sensitivity syndrome(mss), including talking about race, religion, politics, corruption, the police, thought and so on and so far, the only known cure is a heavy dose of a drug called Instant Sensitivity Allevation (ISA). the only problem is that this drug is highly addictive, which leads to paranoiac fear and a loss of independent thought. but thanks to recent tests conducted in america, it has proved to be good at helping sufferers to imagine that the condition has gone away because it can be ignored.mss happens a million times every single day and it can strike at any has become antibiotic-resistant and nobody is safe from it.maybe,our overseas doctors are aware of this.after all, what made them stay away in the first place?
to be frank, i do believe that malaysians are sensitive.they're...i mean, we are sensitive about almost everything.but i don't think that this kinda thing is a bad shows our concern about our race,nation and religion.but of course,it must be channelled out in a right,positive manner.aren't you happy people staying out of your way by only being sensitive? ;p

What Friends Meant To Me

You are to me a very special sun
That shines upon a world few ever see,
A world I'm shy to show to everyone,
That hides its urgent truth from even me.
Without your light it is a world of darkness;
Its heaven and its hell lie fast asleep.
With you as sole and sympathetic witness,
The words come forth from out my vasty deep.
And so I cannot be myself without you;
No one is whole without some loving friend.
There is a quiet joy in me about you
That lets me say what I need not defend.
Long may we serve each other to give light
To all the loveliness that haunts the night.
++i dedicate this poem to all my lovely friends.hope our bonds of love last till the end++

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My New Blog!!!

hi, welcome to my new blog!well,although i'd created lots of blogs before this(and it all ends up being ignored :p), i would try my best to keep this one up.i'm an ordinary person from ordinary world so please don't expect extraordinary things to happen around me.

my best friend ever...never left me when i need it!