Monday, June 19, 2006

Firemen VS Wasps

ALERT!ALERT!my humble abode is surrounded by wasps!my mom had figured out a few days ago that there is a wasp nest at my home's heave.just now, my mom called the firemen.they do came over but unfortunately they couldn't do anything.their reason:it's hard to estimate the size of their nest as the hole is too small.what do they expect us to do?just wait until one of us get stung by the wasps on our whole body and we can be on tv?it's terrible to know that the 'hero' of the town left us without giving us the right solution to get rid of those insects.what should we do now?i'm sure that i don't want to get contact with one of those.if they refused to leave,they could at least pay the rent for staying in our house.they don't expect to stay for free, do they?

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