Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Open Letter To Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

You are a betrayer to the Muslim ummah and to this nation which espouses Islam as the religion of the Federation.
This is the conclusion that I reached after reading
your article, in defence of a heinous crime that even the first Caliph waged open war against, behind the slogans of so-called "human rights" and "freedom of religion". You are a traitor, one of the worst of which the humankind could ever produce. It is no wonder therefore why there are some who, rightly or wrongly, distributed a poster of your face with the words "WANTED DEAD". Perhaps the poster you mentioned is a different version from the one in my possession, since there is no mention of the word "DEAD" in the poster that I have. I am tempted to put up that poster here but since this has become a police case, I have no wish to become an accessory in a criminal act.
In any case, Sir, you brought this controversy upon yourself.
Do not get me wrong, however. I will never condone the so-called "death threats" against you, despite our different perspectives on how we view the issue of Lina Joy. You promote apostasy from Islam and condone the shirk of a Muslim woman; thus breaking a mother's heart. You should be ashamed of yourself. Even calling you a "Satan in a human face" is an insult to Satan himself, because even Satan acknolwedges the Creator.
No words will, however, express my utter disdain, disgust and abhorrence at your act of treason to the ummah. However I will not wish any form of violence or death to be upon you, simply because it is Islamically disdainful and goes against the teachings of the Holy Book and the Sunnah of the Rasul. But I will oppose you with every means I have at my disposal through education and activitism without resorting to lawlessness and violence.
Truth is on my side, Sir. It is not on yours.

Yours sincerely.

**i took this from and may i quote one of the replies:
I support MENJ in your questions for
1.”You are a traitor, one of the worst of which the humankind could ever produce”, and
If you are indeed a Muslim, and you very well know that apostasy is a CRIME heinous in Islam, and you go all out to support an apostate. Not only he is supporting an apostate, but also dodging her from the punishment of her crime. And to go to the furthest extent of trying to bend the rules of Islam and rape the rights of God to bow to human rights.
Of course, there is NO COMPULSION in Islam. We cannot change a person’s heart to accept Islam or believe in it, but this is NOT the point here. The point here that apostasy is a CRIME, a BETRAYAL in Islam. A BETRAYAL to the community of Islam and the religion itself.
This is not a question of free will. Again, it is about a punishment of a crime. If you uphold the so called rights of free will, then everyone on earth can do what they please without the need for punishment. There’s free will. Can we rob your house? Of course, it’s OUR WILL to rob your house.
2. “Do not Christians, Jews, Hindus and let me be so bold to say Buddhists believe in a higher being? Once again I think the Quoran categorises people into 3-believer, disbeliever and hypocrite. Is it wrong to accept the widest definition of believer, that is, all who believe in Allah, God, Brahma, a higher being, a supreme force.”
Again, I think MENJ has already told you that not all paths leads to Rome. The answer is NO. A believer professes IMAN to Allah and Rasulullah. Remember the Shahadah, There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. So how can a buddhist, hindu, who say that God is (insert Brahma, whatever here) be the same as a Muslim, who said that God is ALLAH?
I ask you a simple logical question. If indeed so Allah did categorize a believer as those who just believe in God, then why the heck would He send down the Quran and have Muhammad as a Messenger?
3. Islam uphold the rights of God and His Prophet, and not individual rights. Therefore, it is in every MUSLIM duty to uphold the rights of Allah and His Prophet. In this case, yes, it is US VS THEM. There are only two types of People - believers and disbelievers, Muslim and Kafir.
**as pertaining to this, i got nothing to comment about as i only know a few about this Malik person. He was once my lecturer's senior in iium. Perhaps all he wants to do is making a difference. As he said ... "I like people..I see them as individuals. That's what human right is all about - understanding each other as individuals. I'm not ready to say I've lost my faith in humanity. If I take that position, there's no point doing this work". He believes that what he is doing keep him going in his vocation - fighting for basic human rights. For me personally, whatever a muslim does, he must do it in a muslim way by not abandoning a littest thing out of it. Whoever we are, students or lecturers, employers or employees, lawyers or clients, we must remember the fact that we are only devotees, and that there's only one God who created us and the world we live in, that is Allah.

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