Monday, November 24, 2008

Evening Primrose Oil

I was with a friend one day (liyana laslie) we went to Guardian pharmacy and she bought this. She said it's very good, can keep that senggugut pain away. My Umi used to buy this too. Today i decided to buy, and searched about it in the internet. It turns out that it's true ( not that I'm saying that Liyana lied or anything-just to check things out.sorry pal!). I'm so surprised it was even called 'The King's Cure All'.whoa-amazing!so, just to share with u guys, ops girls i's a good cure for women.apart from keeping that pms away, it can also cure asthma, obesity, allergies and all the blablabla-i-don' for yourself,

-increase the desirable anti-inflammatory prostaglandin E1 series
-help restore the gastrointestinal lining & heal ulcerations (improving nutrient absorption & food intolerance)
-help with autoimmune diseases (including Lupus and Crohn's disease)
-benefit fibrocystic breast disease
-benefit diabetic neuropathy
-reduce symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and help prevent liver & central nervous system damage from alcohol
-potentiate insulin effects
-increase feelings of well-being

Go get one! I already have mine. See ~

Make sure that u buy Safwa-coz it's Halal. All cure is from Allah....

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