Monday, February 09, 2009

5 : 10 PM

when you're not sure whether you're depressed or happy

i've been having nightmares recently
when i look at the mirror i feel creepy
as if my face is rottening
i'm fighting with this n i don't feel so good
i don't think i have any problem
except some tutorials to be done
it makes me dizzy n confused
i can't say i'm depressed coz i don't have any problem for real
n i can't say i'm happy coz maybe this dream is trying to tell what i really feel inside

no i'm not being emo
i'm not!
ok i am
well it's just a dream afterall
or maybe it's a satanic whisper

ah ape aku merepek ni
aku byk lagho kot....


simzasama said...

sah2 byk lagho neh

u mimpi i tu dikire nightmare gak kah??


word verification : nachess (cam sdp jek)

rai said...

kategori nightmare jugak la coz u gemuk lam mimpi tu. sangat impossible