Friday, March 27, 2009

Methods of Da'wah

one day in IRK -
a girl dressed indecently passed through a few guys (presumably soleh)
instead of turning away, they stared at the girl like the stare of an owl
yes, they intended to make the girl feel guilty
but what about them then?they are supposed to turn away was they not?
she wanted to be looked at,and they fulfill it
-call themselves a da'ie but they keep stereotyping others-that's not a prophetic da'wah
da'wah?process of transformation
transform ourselves and others into ideal human beings
so we all have to be tranformers~!
or 'pepenukar' as peah had termed it
who wants to be megatron raise your hand

*ape aku nak jawab exam methods of da'wah nie.takutnye.
*ala lambat lagi la

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