Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Muslim Planet

It was late in the evening when me and my mother (Umi) was going home from the nearest Giant. While she was driving she asked, “Do you see what a great world we are living in. Can you imagine the sky we are looking at, above it is actually the universe, and our planet is just at the corner of the galaxy?” I then replied, “Yeah, it’s hard to imagine we’re just a small dot. Tiny,tiny dot in the galaxy. You know what, I think it’s possible that there might be another planet that’s just like the earth, because, you know, there’s so many galaxies in the universe. Thousands and thousands of it… it’s possible that in other galaxy other planet is in the same place just like the earth and there might be other creatures too. I always believe that there are aliens…like…in the form of small creatures in the sea.” She replied, “Well, it might be that there’s none too. Allah is great; it might be that the earth is the only strategic planet in the universe.”

Looking outside the window, staring at the glances of people and cars that pass by, I realized that the world is full of possibilities, people can imagine, experiment, discover but all matters in the universe is in the hand of Allah. “’re right. It’s interesting, the earth is not too far, but not too close to the sun. Everything is set up by Allah. Anyway, do you know that the scientists found a new planet, and they discovered that there are traces of water and even ocean? It’s in the newspaper”. My mother smiled and replied, “Then we can give it to America so that their people can occupy it. Let they stay there and do whatever they like, then they don’t bother others anymore”. I laughed, and said “Umi, why not we muslims move there and make a planet of our own! It’s great, we can implement Islamic law, no other people will disturb us and we will live peacefully. The non-believers stay in the earth, and do whatever they like”. I then know what a brainy mother I have when she said “We already have a planet of our own. It’s the heaven”.

Pondering her words, I kept silent along the way until I reached home.


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